The Phoenix Plan

How to makes sales online...

...when you're a good person with a BIG HEART! 

The Phoenix Plan is a powerful mini version of my flagship programme Expansion Business School. Get your business back on track and learn exactly how to make sales online when you're a good person who wants to help. I'm going to teach you the full online sales approach behind my six figure online business.  
8 step by step training videos, a 50 page workbook you can print off and fill in, a live webinar Q&A with me AND a 7 day money back guarantee. 

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 



Can I tell you what I needed to hear a year into growing my business online?

"You are going to make it. And you're closer than you think..."

One day very soon you’re going to wake up and you'll have that £10k buffer in your personal account and six months running costs in your business account. 

You will have the freedom to hop in the car for a staycation or hop on a plane to travel without even giving notice because 100% of your business is online.

People will know you for the thing you specialise in and celebrate your growth with you, because you helped them grow too.

You'll even hold your own book in your hands and say ‘I wrote that’!

And you’ll have an epic team of people (freelance or full time - whatever you need) who support you so you’re not working all hours. 

The secret? 

There is no secret. But I am going to tell you what you need to focus on...

P.s. The next live Q&A with me is Wednesday 29th July 7pm. I'll email you the link when you sign up. Join and ask me anything you like! I'll even review your offer or sales page live on the call. 

What to focus on 

To make money online as a big hearted person, here's what you need to focus on: 

  • Being unique - build the best ever online product your sector has ever seen. Yes, you’ll probably give more away up front in the beginning but you’ll be paid back by the compound effect in time. Try to trust your gut about what your audience need, even if no-one else is doing it that way.
  • Doing less not more – focus on one or two outstanding products that bring in your revenue and build your brand. Once you've learnt how to launch and how to make money online you can offer more products.
  • Building an audience - Learning how to create content that both helps your community so you can grow your reach, and speaks directly to people who want to buy what you know so that you build an audience of potential buyers. This is huge for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.  
  • Delivering your message - Get better at video, writing, speaking – whichever one you choose, you’re going to need to practice to develop your skill, your style and your delivery. It takes time and the more hours you put in the better you will get.   
  • Keeping your mind focused on your own goals. Don’t get distracted by what others are doing or what’s in fashion. Stay in your lane and keep going until you crack what works best for you. 
We cover this AND MORE in The Phoenix Plan...

Lisa, is The Phoenix Plan right for me?

This is perfect for you if...

  • You're seeking clarity in your life and business
After lockdown, a lot of people felt lost and didn't know how they want to move their business forward. Some people even questioned - do I want this business any more? Through The Phoenix Plan, you'll set a whole new vision for your life and business and map out the new strategy to help you get there. On top of the videos and worksheets in this section, I've also included a guided visualisation and amazing 'jump in' exercise to help you see, experience and claim your new vision. Remember, your business is here to support you and serve others. It doesn't have to feel like a chore or a burden.  You can start with a new vision or reconnect with a vision that you've lost. 
  • You want to build an audience of potential buyers, not just followers 
In 2018, I did £38k in sales. In 2019, I did £200k in sales. If you check out my social media, you'll see I have less than 10,000 followers. This is because I learnt how to attract people who want to work with me and not just followers, and there is a very specific process for doing this. I'll show you exactly how I do this in The Phoenix Plan. 
  • You hate selling but want to make money online 
Bascially, you're a good person with a great offer but you never put yourself out there because selling feels cringe! I know the feeling! But there are ways to do it that feel great and really serve. I show you how I make tens of thousands in sales every month without ever coming across as salesy! It's really important that good hearted people learn how to do this. The world needs more of what you know. 
  • You feel fed up / burnt out and need some clear direction to get back on track 
Confession - sometimes I just want to be told what to do next in my business because it's hard work doing the vision, the plan and all the delivery right?! Well, with The Phoenix Plan, I'm going to show you step by step what it will take for you to have a successful online launch and get on your way to your first £10k month. It's step by step, there are worksheets for each stage and there is even a printable launch checklist. 
This is your re-defining moment.
The decision is now.
It's time to clear the fog, launch a new plan of action and get your life and business back on track with the brand new Phoenix Plan:  
  • ​CLARITY - Reconnect with your renewed vision and map out a clear business growth plan for the coming weeks. 
  • ENERGY - Create a personal  mobilisation plan for maximum motivation.
  • SALES - Make your offer truly unmissable and speak directly to your dream client.  
  • CONVERSION - Build an online marketing funnel that generates leads and converts while you sleep.

Good people need to make good money to do good work in the world

My Story

I went from being depressed and £100k in debt to building a multiple six figure online business in less than five years. 

It sounds mad, but I've done it. 

In 2015, I was diagnosed with depression and I found myself £100k in debt. That's eye watering! 

But, I decided I wanted to change...every single thing about my life. So I launched my online business and documented my journey of change in a vlog.

In the beginning, I wasn't online. I started speaking in small groups and often had to give away tickets to family and friends to 'fill the room'. Then, I started sharing more of my story online and started building my first ever online course. 

I joined courses, learnt how to build my online presence and practices making videos pretty much every day! 

It paid off. In 2017 I had my first £10k launch. In 2018, I had my first £30k month and in 2019, I hit £200k in sales in one year!

In 2020 I even published my first book and it flew to #2 on Amazon without an agent, ad spend or discount gimmicks.  All due to the incredible community I'd built! 

You can do this too. But your success depends on you:
  • ​Clarifying your vision and keeping it in focus daily 
  • ​Nailing your marketing message
  • ​Building an audience who want to buy from you 
  • ​Launching and launching until you crack your code
You don't need to guess how to do this and you don't need to do it alone. That's why I created The Phoenix Plan - to give you an exact roadmap for getting this right...


What's included?
Part #1 - Focus

You will learn: 

  • What you MUST focus on right now to start making sales;  
  • ​How to identify what stage of growth you're in and what to do next; and 
  • ​Exactly WHO you're really selling to for increased conversion rates.  
Part #2 - Vision

Through the workbook and guided visualisation, you will redefine: 

  • ​Your mission as a purpose driven business owner; 
  • ​Your new vision for your life, family and business;  and, 
  • ​What you're here to do on this planet.
Part #3 - Mobilise 

Re-invigorate your mind and body by:

  • Remembering where YOU get your energy from; 
  • ​Setting a brand new mobilisation plan; and, 
  • ​Committing to an exciting new ritual for success...that you set! 
How to fun profitable FB ads
Part #4 - Offer 

Make more sales by learning:

  • ​What makes an offer truly unmissable to your dream clients 
  • ​How to position yourself for sales, long before the sales window
  • What your customers really want from you - and no, it's not information!  
New live training weekly
Part #5 - Funnel Marketing

Build a profitable funnel using a method I've perfected over 5 years and hundreds of thousands in online sales:

  • ​Understand how a funnel actually works
  • ​Learn why 'the freebie' is such a small by important part of the process  
  • ​Learn how to dramatically increase your conversion rates with very little effort 

Seriously, this course is jam packed with everything you need to get back on track in 2020. The course comes with a 50 page printable PDF,  8 videos to guide you through each stage and 2 guided visualisations to help you reconnect with your path.  


Ready to get your life and business back on track?
5 thing you'll get from The Phoenix Plan
  • Energy boost - boost your energy by focusing back in on what matters in your life and business 
  • Focus - print out the workbook and fill it in as you go to write a new vision, sales plan and marketing funnel 
  • Insight - my latest insights on what it takes to build a business in 2020 and beyond 
  • Funnel training - epic in depth training on how to build a high conversion funnel and make sales online 
  • Checklist - a launch checklist to keep you focused on making offers and making sales 
I know that building a busy can be lonely, scary and, well, messy! I know because I've built three. That's why I am focused, right now, on helping purpose driven entrepreneurs, like you, re-focus, re-energise and re-turn to building businesses online. 

Lisa Bean, UK
What's included?
  • 50+ page workbook that you can print off, fill in and use to get back on track! 
  • 8 videos, recorded in HD to guide you through each part of the process.
  • ​Launch checklist so you don't miss a thing in your next launch 
  • ​2 guided visualisations to help you reconnect with your vision and mission.
  • ​A live webinar to run through the key concepts and ask any questions you have!  
  • ​Lifetime access so you can print off the workbook whenever you need to get back on track! 
This is your re-defining moment.
The decision is now.
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